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Tuesday 20th October



Maths: LO: To multiply using the grid method

Today you are going to continue to use the grid method to calculate the multiplication calculations. Try to uplevel from yesterday.  Go back to yesterday's page to find the sheet and the WAGOLLS for the method.


English: LO: To write a story plan

You are going to write a plan for your own story based on the story of The Firework Maker's Daughter.  Complete the plan using what you have learnt about the book.  Change the name of the characters.  You may wish to change whether it is a girl or father.  Change the job - what could your character want to be?  Don't choose a normal job, but make it one that is more unusual and include the fact that the child has to go one a journey to find a missing object.  For example, it could be a scientist and travelling to find the last ingredient to make a potion.


RE: LO: To write a Holy Spirit prayer

The Holy Spirit is a powerful friend who helps us in a time of need. You are going to write a prayer to the Holy Spirit about a problem you have at the moment and ask for help. It can be about anything you like. I have attached a WAGOLL for you to look at.