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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Tuesday 22nd September


GPS starter:

Write these root words in your book:- joy, cheer, help, pain, care, hope, harm. Now add the -ful suffix on to each word. So, joy= joyful. You can write the -ful suffix in a different colour.

Main activity

We are carrying on our Jolly Postman story that you started yesterday. Look back at you story map from Friday. We are writing box 2 today. Look at who the postman delivers to in box 2. Carry on your story from yesterday (write today's short date in the margin.) Remember to describe the characters-what they look like, what they are like. Also describe the setting -where are they? What does it look like? Remember to only write box 2 today. Think about your punctuation, adjectives and conjunctions.


Mental maths starter:

Play ICT games adding 10 more/ 10 less.

Main activity


L.O: To estimate and measure length.

Talk to your grown up to remember how we use a ruler and measure things correctly.

Complete the 2 star page on measuring length.

Then measure and draw these lines in your book.

6 cm


5 cm



Tuesday 22nd September

L.O: To listen to psalms in praise of God and all his creations

Watch the two powerpoints showing psalms 19 and 8 and look at the photo (God's story 2 pg 28) Talk to your grown up about why the psalms are asking us to praise God. Why is he so wonderful? Why do we have to thankful for each new day? What did God create that we should be thankful for?

Draw a picture in your book, of you looking up at the stars. Write underneath why we need to thank God and why he is so wonderful. ( Think about what he has created and the new beginnings he gives us.)