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Wednesday 24th February

Good morning everyone,


This morning I would like you to complete your 2Do as next steps.  I would normally have this an afternoon task, but with having INSET yesterday we have a lot of learning to put into 4 days!


If you need help, please email me on Purple Mash.


Next Steps: Complete your 2Do for this week.  This is a new topic - all about Graphing.  Use the help sheet to help you with this.
In this lesson, we will be practising and applying knowledge of the -ial suffixes.
In this lesson, you will explore a series of shapes which grow in size. You will be spotting the patterns and exploring them so that you can make a general statement about the rules of this pattern. Using the general rules you have discovered, you will be able to find out the number of shapes needed for any term in the sequence. You will also learn how to investigate the patterns logically.

LO: To skim and scan


Choose your level and read the text.  Underline the key words in the question.  Skim and scan to get to the correct part of the text and then read around it to get the full answer.  Remember to mark your work and self assess.