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Tuesday 24th March


L.O.: To write a character description for Farmer Duck

  1. Read the story of Farmer Duck (see link) 
  2. Write a description of Farmer Duck, using adjectives and expanded noun phrases. Include details about what he does and his personality.



L.O.: To find fractions of amounts


Mental Maths: Count in 4s forwards and backwards. 4, 8, 12.....

Open the Word document to find your mild, spicy and hot challenges. You can add your own for whichever level you are working at. Calculate the answers using your counting in 2s (for halves), 3s (for thirds) and 4s (for quarters). Remember, you can draw dots if you need to. To find 2 thirds, find 1 third and x by 2. To find 3 quarters, find 1 quarter and x by 3.


L.O.: To name and locate the countries in the UK and surrounding bodies of water


Complete the worksheet

(There are 3 different versions of the worksheet, so choose which one you would like to complete.) If you do not have a printer, look at the map of the UK and talk about the 4 countries and the seas/oceans around us.