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Tuesday 26th January



Practise using the conjunction because. Write 4 sentences using because e.g,

I had to wash the car because it was dirty.


Main Activity

Tuesday 26th January

L.O: To identify the features of a non-chronological report.

We are looking at non-chronological reports in this block of learning. Read the 2 non-chronological reports below about explorers and then have a go at picking out the main features, e.g main heading, picture, caption, interesting facts etc. If you have printed them out, label the main heading etc like we do in class (use a ruler to draw your line). Only print out the actual sheet showing information, not the questions. If you don't have a printer, make a list of the features in your book. Use bullet points, e.g

  • main heading
  • picture

Don't answer the questions- we are not doing a reading comprehension today, we just want to look at how the facts are laid out.

Mental Maths Starter:

Work through day 2 on the mental maths starter from yesterday. 

Main Activity


L.O: To use different combinations of coins to make the same value.

Work through the lesson, pausing the video whenever you need to. Explain your thinking to your grown up as you do along. Complete the worksheet from the lesson. I have attached it below.


How many different ways can you make 85p? (Draw the coins)

How many different ways can you make 99p

How many ways can you make £1 and 20p?

Topic- Art

Tuesday 26th January

L.O: To experiment with printing techniques

If we had been at school this week, we would have been looking at printing techniques and then had a go at printing with different materials. 

Watch the powerpoint below to learn more about printing and talk about it with your grown up.

If you can, you are going to do some printing at home. You can use junk objects but you MUST check with your grown up first. You can use cut up sponge, pieces of string, scrunched up kitchen roll, bubble wrap, cotton buds, potatoes etc. See the attached sheet for some more ideas. Use paint but if you haven't got any, you could try putting lots of chalk or felt tip pen on a cotton bud and see if that works- it may leave a feint impression. If there is nothing you can use, don't worry, just make sure you watch the powerpoint and look at the sheet.



This week we are going to practise our South Ribble dance again and make sure we are confident with it before we are sent the next part next week.