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Tuesday 26th January

Guided Reading:

Carry on reading your book on Get Epic.

Remember, try to read for at least 10 minutes each day!


Your books for this week are:

Group 1 Comets: Gotcha

Group 2 Planets: The Cupcake Thief

Group 3 Astronauts: The Egyptian Cat Mystery

Group 4 Rockets: The Ghost Town Mystery

Group 5 Stars: What really happened to Humpty?

If you have finished your book then please feel free to choose another one on the websitesmiley


LO: To tell a set of instructions from memory


GPS Starter: 

Ask an adult to say these words and try to spell them out, 3 times for each word just like we would in class.








Main Task: 

Today you are going to be making your own paper hat. When you have watched the video, make the hat with an adult and tell them the instructions as you are making it. 


Can you write down 3 adjectives to describe your paper hat?


Go onto phonics play and look at phase 5. Plays sentence substitution and try to write some of these sentences down. Then you can choose some other games. 


LO: To add and subtract amounts of money


Mental Maths Starter: 

Annie bought 3 sweets and they were 2p each, how much did she spend? Remember to include the 'p' sign in your answer. Can you remember what 'p' means?


Main Task:

Today we are looking at adding up and subtracting different amounts of money. 


If you have coins at home, with an adult see if you can point to the different coins as they name them. Or draw the coins as an adult names them. 


LO: To design a rain gauge

Today we are going to make our own rain gauge to measure the rainfall. Watch the clip below and follow the instructions to make your own. Think about how the rain gauge will collect the water and think of the best place to put your rain gauge. Talk to an adult about why this would be the best place. 


If you can, try to make your own rain gauge at home. I have attached a list of instructions on how to do this. If you can't don't worry, you can draw a picture of a rain gauge instead. Write some sentences of what you think will happen at the end of the week. Will your rain gauge collect lots of water? Use a conjunction to tell me why or why not. 



Can you measure the amount of water your rain gauge collects each day for a week?