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Tuesday 28th April

Mental Maths

Sort these numbers into odd and even numbers as quickly as you can. Tell your grown up why they are odd or even.  17, 4,  22, 39,  43,  60,  51,  8, 76, 3


Main Activity


L.O: To solve  one step word problems (addition and subtraction)

Read the problems on the cards. (There is one set with numbers up to 20 and a more challenging set with numbers up to 100. Choose with your grown up which one you want to do. You can do both if you want.) Decide whether you need to use addition or subtraction to help work out the problem.Underline the important words or numbers in the problem, just like we do in class.

Write the number sentence in your book, then the answer.


Can you write your own words problems involving addition and subtraction?