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Tuesday 28th September


GPS Starter:

Look at these words and make them into plurals. Remember sometimes we add just -s, sometimes we add -es (words ending in -ch, -sh, -ss, -x or -o) and sometimes we do something completely different.

         singular              plural

        one house   =    two houses

        one bush     =    two 

        one  pencil   =   two

        one fox        =    two 

        one mouse   =   two   

        one hutch     =   two

Choose three of these plurals and put them into a sentence.


Main activity

Tuesday 28th September

L.O: To write the resolution to The Jolly Postman story.

Today we are going to write the final part of our own version of The Jolly Postman story. Remember, this last paragraph (box 4) is where we solve the problem. Think back to box 3 and what the problem was (a robber stealing all the books from the library or some one letting all of the water out of the swimming pool etc) Think how your problem is going to be solved. Does your postman throw a sack over the robber and call the police, for example?

Remember to use lots of adjectives, time conjunctions and correct punctuation in your writing. 




Mental maths starter.

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 10s, starting from any number, e.g 6, 16, 26, 36, 46 etc. 98, 88, 78 etc.

Main Activity


L.O: To choose the correct standard units to measure mass.

We are looking at weighing (mass) today. If you can, have a go at weighing some items with your kitchen or bathroom scales. Remember, we use grams (g) and kilograms (kg) to measure mass. Watch the powerpoint (teaching tools) and talk to your grown up about it.

Complete the activity sheets from our new maths scheme.



Tuesday 28th September

L.O: To describe ways of improving our play areas.

We have been looking at our local area (Bamber Bridge) in our geography work. Today we are thinking about places where we play and how we can improve these. Look at the photos on the powerpoint of places you might play in Bamber Bridge. (The last aerial photo is of Formby beach). Talk to your grown up about how we might improve these play areas- e.g add more benches, put a water slide in, add more flowers and plants to the park, add a skateboard ramp etc. 

Under your date and l.o, divide your page into six boxes. In each box, add a drawing and one or two sentences to show some of your ideas to improve our play areas.