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Tuesday 2nd February

Good morning everyone,


I hope that you are all still well.  Please remember to email me on Purple Mash if you need help.


Next Steps: 

Write 5 words beginning with un (for example unacceptable), 5 words beginning with mis (for example misguided).  Then explain what the word means.  Remember the prefix (group of letters at the beginning of the root word) 'un' and 'mis' often make the word the opposite meaning to the root word.


For example: misguided means the opposite to guided so guided would mean lead someone well, and misguided would mean the opposite so you could take them in the wrong direction.


Acceptable means something that people think is okay, unacceptable is not okay, so the girl showed acceptable behaviour completing her work, the girl showed unacceptable behaviour on the playground.

In this lesson, we will be practising and applying knowledge of the -ous suffixes.  Remember, that suffixes are a group of letters at the end of the word that can help us work out the meaning of the word.
In this lesson, we will be introduced to new 3-D shapes. We will discuss the properties of these shapes and determine how they are similar and different.

Guided Reading

LO: To scan for information

Choose your level and complete the questions.  Try to challenge yourself with the level that you select.

Remember to self assess when you finish.