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Tuesday 2nd February



Copy these words into your book. Underline the kn and gn in a colour.

    kn                                                                gn

know                                                             gnome

knight                                                            gnaw

knit                                                                gnat

knock                                                            gnarled

knuckle                                                         gnash

What do you notice about these words? (They have a silent k or silent g). Make sure you know what each word means (talk to your grown up). Can you think of anymore? Choose at least one word from each list and write it in a sentence.


Main Activity

Tuesday 2nd February

L.O: To answer questions from a text about explorers

Read the text about deep sea explorers. Choose one, two or three star and then answer the questions.


Can you make up your own question from what you have read?






Mental Starter:

Play the chinese dragon game on ordering and sequencing numbers. Try different  things, sometimes sequencing, sometimes ordering, sometimes with the numbers going backwards etc.

Main activity


L.O: To interpret data on a block diagram.

Watch the video below on how to fill in a table and then use this data to construct a block diagram. Complete the worksheet below on vehicles and then you can do the worksheet from the oak academy as an extension activity if you wish.


Tuesday 2nd February

L.O: To revise conditions needed for growth

We thought about our cress experiment last week and hopefully we saw from the photos, what things plants needed for growth. Watch the time lapse video of cress growing and the two very short videos about what plants need. Then I want you to design a poster to tell other people what things plants need to grow properly. Make your poser nice and colourful and make sure you have the key words and pictures to help people understand.