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Tuesday 2nd March


GPS Starter:

Look at these words:-

quarter                              squash                      

quarrel                              squad                  

quantity                             squat    

quantity                             squawk


What do you notice about all these words? They all start with 'qua' or 'squa' but make a 'quo' or 'squo' sound. Copy these words into your workbook. Use a colour pencil to write the 'qua' or 'squa' part of the word or underline the 'wa' part. Then choose 4 of them and put them into a sentence (2 'qua' and 2 'squa.)


Main Activity

Tuesday 2nd March

L.O: To identify the features of persuasive writing.

Look at some examples of persuasive writing attached. What do you notice about the posters and leaflets? 

Persuasive text often includes:

  • repeated words
  • alliteration
  • wow word- amazing, fantastic, breath-taking etc.
  • offers
  • rhetorical questions (questions that don't need a direct answer- such as 'Do you want an amazing experience')
  • colourful and eye-catching fonts / capitalised words
  • humour

Look at the posters and leaflets again- can you spot all these features. Underline in different colours.

Make a list of the features of persuasive writing underneath.



Mental maths starter:

Choose one of the levels of the activity mat (1, 2 or 3 star) to get your brain warmed up. 


L.O: To add two 2 digit numbers.

Work through the lesson on Oak Academy and complete the independent task. Think carefully about your partitioning and add the tens first.



Complete these calculations in your workbook.

54 + 22 =                             13 + 45 =

28 + 71 =                             62 + 37 =

36  + 41 =                            28 + 50 =

106 + 11 =                           25 + 243 =

351 + 24 =                          415 + 22 =


Tuesday 2nd March

L.O: To explain the life cycle of a bean.

Today, we are looking at the life cycle of a bean. Watch the 2 powerpoints below and talk to your grown up about what is happening and how it is a cycle and it starts all over again when a new seed falls to the ground. In the second powerpoint, there is a video to click on but it comes up with an age appropriate message (don't ask me why- it is a time lapse video of a bean growing!) The time lapse video is attached separately below. Watch the video and remember that this is filmed over a long time and then speeded up.

Now, complete the activity on the life cycle of a bean. Complete either the 2 or 3 star sheet (3 star is better.)


Complete the comprehension activity on beans.