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Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning,


Well done for all your hard work.


You are all doing a great job!


Remember to email me on Purple Mash if you need any help :)

Next Steps: Write out the spelling words for this week in sentences, underlining the spelling word.  Check at the end that you have correctly spelt the underlined words and write out any that are incorrect 3 times, looking carefully at the word as you write it.
There are 2 English lessons today, but the second will be instead of the Guided Reading.  You need to complete both lessons.  The first will allow you to gain understanding of the text which you will need for the second lesson, which will focus on answering retrieval and inference questions on the opening chapter. The work this week focuses on reading skills, and I have chosen these lessons both to improve your skills and because it is an author that you are familiar with - he wrote The Firework Maker's Daughter.
In today's lesson, we will be exploring how to represent word problems using bar models. By the end of the lesson, you should be able to identify bar models that represent division or multiplication problems.
Click on the links on the Power Point to take you to the learning task.  Don't forget to self assess after you have completed the tasks next to the LO.