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Tuesday 30th November


GPS Starter:

Write 2 examples of each of these sentence types:-




exclamation (start with 'how' or 'what')

Don't forget your punctuation.

Main Activity

Tuesday 30th  November

Today you are writing box 4 of our Little Red Riding Hood story. Think about how your story ends and how the problem of your baddie is sorted out. Describe who saves the day. Use adjectives and conjunctions. Can you use a different sentence starter?



Mental maths starter:

Practise your 2 times table with your grown up. Can you count forwards and backwards in 2s?

Main activity


Finding halves and quarters of amounts

Complete the worksheets on halves and quarters.



Remember we are learning about continents and countries. Find out as much as you can about Africa. Draw some pictures of animals that live there, what plants or trees grow there and which are some famous rivers or land marks. Write some sentences to  go with your pictures.