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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Tuesday 4th May




GPS Starter:

-ful and less suffixes.

Add the -ful and -less suffix to these root words (if you can)







Put some of your new words into a sentence.

Main Activity

Tuesday 4th May

L.O: To write the build up to an animal adventure story. 

Today we will be writing the build up (box 2). Recap writing the opening from Friday and what we need to include today. Look back at success ladders. We will describe how Mr Toad is sent to prison and then escapes by disguising himself as guard/other prisoner (your idea). View build up boxes and model how to include lots of adjectives and noun phrases to describe his disguise. Remember our GPS work and adding suffixes. Stop after Mr Toad has escaped from jail.


Mental Starter:

Practise your 2s, 5s and 10s times tables. Ext: Practise your 3s.

Main Activity


L.O: To read scales involving temperature.

Watch the powerpoint on thermometers and look at the display poster. Talk to your grown up about what thermometers are for and how we read the scale.

Complete the worksheet on reading the scales, then practise drawing the temperature on the thermometers.


Tuesday 4th May

L.O: To reflect on our topic on Pentecost and spreading the word.

Today we are reflecting on what we have learnt in our Pentecost topic and what we want to remember and take forward. Talk to your grown up about what we have talked about in the topic- Jesus ascending into Heaven and promising a new friend to come and guide the disciples. Talk about Pentecost Day and the Holy Spirit coming to the disciples and filling them with joy and hope. Think about the message and Good News that the disciples and Christians have to spread- that Jesus is alive and we can have eternal life in Heaven too.

Draw and write about what you want to hold on to from this topic.