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Tuesday 5th January

Hello everyone!


I will put the work up on the website for each day. 


Each week if you/your parent can please email a picture of a completed Maths and English task on Purple Mash. There are information sheets for your parents so that they know how to do this on the class page.  This will let me check how you are all getting on.  You can email me on Purple Mash if you need help or just to keep in touch.


I will set some Purple Mash tasks, which you can complete through Purple Mash but if you can complete the other work in your Home Learning book.  I can then look at these when we return to school and see iif there is any work that we need to go over again in groups or as a class.



Next Steps work:


Write the homework words for this week in your homework book.  You can find them in the homework folder on our class page.  We are on Spring 1 week 1.


LO: To interpret data

We are carrying on from yesterday's lesson on bar charts and comparative charts.  If you need a reminder, then go through the Power Point that we looked at in class.  Then, carry on from the level you were on yesterday, and then try the next level, so if yesterday you had chosen bronze level then you need to complete bronze level and then do silver level.


Use the process success criteria steps to remind you. Think: what is the question asking, what do I need to do to answer it - and use the key to help.


LO: To identify the features of a non-chronological report

I am going to change the unit we were going to do in school and keep it until we go back because we need to look at the text together.  Instead whilst you are completing home learning, we will look at non-chronological reports instead.


I am going to use Oak Academy for this, so that you can watch the teacher explain about it before you then try the work.  


You need to click on the link and it should take you to the right website and page. The teacher will tell you when to stop the video and complete a task.  The lesson today will be looking at the features of this type of text.  Some of you have looked at this book type in Guided Reading, which should help.

Guided Reading

LO: To scan texts and retrieve information

Read the newspaper article and answer the questions.  Remember the features of this text type that we looked at before Christmas. When you have finished, check them and mark the answers.  For any that you get wrong, go back and work out why you went wrong, so that you learn from it.


LO: To apply understanding of a community

Following on from yesterday, think about the communities that you are a part of, for example: school, church, local area, football/dancing etc.  Draw a picture for each and write a sentence explaining your role.  lastly, write how believing in God helps you be a good member of the community.