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'With Jesus, we learn as a joyful family and flourish to be the best that we can be'

Tuesday 5th January


GPS Starter:

Watch the powerpoint on plurals and talk to your grown up about the different rules. 

Make these words plural:-

house                                       bus

bush                                         lorry

key                                           knife

match                                       potato

fox                                            shelf


Main activity

Tuesday 5th January

L.O: To write a recount

Write a recount of your Christmas holidays.You could use the sentence starter- In the Christmas holidays, I ........

 What presents did you get/ give to others? Which was your favourite present and why? What Christmas decorations did you put up? What did you eat? Did you play any games with your family? Have you any family traditions you do at Christmas? Did you video call any family members?


Don't forget:-

punctuation, using adjectives, adverbs, trying to include adventurous/exciting vocabulary and neat handwriting! When you have finished, re-read your work to check it makes sense. You can draw a little picture to go with your writing.


Mental Maths starter:

Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s forwards and backwards to a 100 and beyond. Start at any number, not just 0 when counting in 10s.


Main activity


L.O: To tell the time to 5 minute intervals.

We are going to carry on our work on telling the time. Watch the powerpoint on telling the time to 5 minute intervals. Talk to your grown up about what you have watched. 

 Stars and Moons for maths- complete the sheet on writing the times underneath each clock. (We started this in class yesterday.) (Page 1 of clocks attached )

Planets, Comets and Rockets- complete the sheet on drawing the hands to show the time to 5 minute intervals. (We started this in class yesterday.) (Page of clocks attached ) Don't forget to make sure your big hand (minute hand) is long and touching the number and your little hand (the hour hand) is short.


Tuesday 5th January 

L.O: To activate prior knowledge and pose questions

This half term we are going to be learning about plants and growth.

Talk to your grown up about everything you already know about plants. Can you name different plants? Where do plants live/grow/ Do they all live in the same environments? What do plants need to help them grow? Where do plants get their food from?

Put the heading What I already know.

Now write as many sentences as you can about what you already know. Try and extend your sentences using conjunctions.

Now put the heading What I want to find out.

Write as many questions as possible about all things you want to find out. Do all plants need the same food/ conditions for growth? Can plants grow anywhere? How many different types of plants are there? Don't forget your capital letters and question marks.


Draw and label some plants that you already know.