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Tuesday 5th January

English (GPS Lesson) – Write your date and L.O. then follow the lesson link below:

Tuesday 5th January

L.O.: To explore simple sentences


Maths – Write your date and L.O. then complete the activity below:


L.O.: To read and write analogue time to the nearest minute

Carrying on from our work on time so far, have a go at the lesson below:

If you find this tricky, don’t worry – keep practising your 5 minute intervals. Or go back and revise o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past:

Answer the following questions:

How many seconds in a minute?

How many minutes in an hour?

How many days in each month?

How many months in a year?


Reading – Read for 15 minutes from a book of your choice and write 3 sentences to summarise what you have read.



  • Think about our discussion yesterday about it being a new year. Write 3 resolutions (targets) that you will try to work on this year. Try to include a mixture of home and school targets.
  • Write a prayer, asking for God’s help in achieving your resolutions. Start with ‘Dear God,’ and end with ‘Amen’.