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Tuesday 6th October

Hello everyone,


Below are the activities for today.  Keep remembering to read as well and to go on TTRockstars.  Remember that you can email me on Purple Mash (Computing then 2Email icon).


Spelling: write the spelling words in sentences, underline the spelling word each time.


English: LO: To raise questions

Think about everything that you know about the characters that we have read about: Lila, Lalchand, Hamlet and Chulak.  What would you like to find out about the characters? Think about their reasons for the things they do.  Write some questions for the different characters, write who the question is for and remember to use a question mark at the end.


Lila: Why did you want to become a Firework Maker?

Lalchand: Why were you so upset when Lila didn't want to get married?


Maths: LO: To apply understanding of Place Value

Using what you know about Place Value answer the fluency and reasoning questions.


Guided Reading: Purple Mash, Serial Mash, Emerald, Undercover Zoo text

Read chapter 5 and complete the Quiz, Laundry and Secret World activities


RE: To describe how a scribe produces a scroll

We are going to carry on learning about the Torah. 



Answer the key questions and complete the task.


Key Questions:

Why do you think that the scribe takes so much care and preparation over the writing?

How long do you think the scribe takes to write a scroll?


Task: To describe how a scribe produces a scroll.

Write a paragraph about the Torah for a magazine about the Jewish faith.  In it show how much they respect the Torah and the reasons why.


Mental Maths: Go on TTRockstars and try to improve your speed! This will help you when we return to school for your timed tests.