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Tuesday 8th June

Hi everyone,


I will put work on here for today and put some on for tomorrow in case we are not back in school.  If we are not then back, I will continue to set the work on our class page.  If you have any problems, or need to get in touch, then please contact me on Purple Mash.


Miss Mercer :)

Maths: To convert analogue and digital times


If you use what we went through yesterday about digital and analogue clocks to have a go at completing the work that we were going to be doing in class today.  I have added a few Power Points to remind you.


Remember that for analogue:

the numbers are the hours - you need to annotate the minutes around the clock.  After half past remember the minutes then decrease so 30 then back to 29, 28, 27 etc

Look at the minute hand (it is the larger hand and has the larger job: it tells us how many minutes and what side of the clock to or past)

Look at the hour hand - remember to think whether it is the hour it has just past or the hour it is going to)

write as: ...... mins past/to the hour


For digital: we write hour:minutes

It is the hour it has gone past, and the minutes continue so after half past it goes up so 30, 31, 32 etc

If it is morning we write am, if it is afternoon we write pm

For 24 hours we add 12 to the hour for the pm, so 1 o'clock would be 13, 2 o'clock would be 14 etc



LO: To infer thoughts and feelings


If you can write a diary entry as Tom after he has returned to Mousehole. Remember to show how he might have felt when he decided to go into the storm to get food for the villagers; when he was in the storm getting the fish; when he saw the harbour walls all lit up with the lanterns from the villagers; when he showed all the villagers the fish that he had caught with Mowzer; when he celebrated Christmas Eve with the villagers.


Remember to end your diary entry in role, signing it as Tom

LO: To retrieve information


Choose your level, based on your confidence - try to push yourself with the level that you pick.  Read the text and answer the questions.  When you self-mark, go back to the text and work out why you had gone wrong for any corrections.

LO: To convert analogue and digital times


Today we were going to be doing double Maths.


For your second lesson, go through the Power point slides and answer them.  You need to explain in words what you notice.  Then there is a sheet to complete.  I have put this on separately as a separate document in case you want to print it if you have a printer at home.  If not, you need to draw 3 clock faces and draw the hands for the digital times, and then write the digital times for the analogue clock faces.