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Tuesday 9th February


GPS Starter:

Watch the powerpoint on adding -en suffix to root words. The powerpoint is aimed at older children, so PLEASE do not worry about what fronted adverbials or modal verbs are!! (You will learn about these in KS2). There wasn't a powerpoint for our age group and I like the spinner part, so just ignore those 2 instructions. We will do this powerpoint over two days, today and tomorrow. Copy the list of the words ending in -en suffix from the left hand column into your book. Either write the en suffix in a colour or underline the suffix in a colour. Choose 2 of the words you have copied and put them into a sentence.

Main Activty

Tuesday 9th February

L.O: To identify the features of poetry.

Today, I want you to look back at the poems we read yesterday. As you are reading them, look for the features we often find in poetry and we have talked about before- rhyming words, repetition and alliteration (words starting with the same letter, such as sizzling sausages or hungry hippo). Today I am going to also challenge you and introduce you to another feature- onomatopoeia. It's a long word but basically just means when a word is linked to the sound it makes, for example CRASH! sizzle, pop!, whoosh!

You are going to look for these features and underline them with a colour pencil. Make a key at the side or underneath the poem like we do in class. For example, you might underline all the repetition in green and all the rhyming words in blue etc. 


If you don't have a printer, just copy out one of the poems and underline the features.



Mental Maths Starter:

Work through the activity mat. There is a one, two or three star section- choose one of them. (Don't peep at the answers!)

Main Activity


L.O: To understand division as sharing.

Work through the Oak Academy lesson on division. Don't do the independent activity in the lesson. Complete the worksheet on sharing. There is also a division colouring sheet that I have attached, if you would like to do it. You could do this over the next couple of days. There is also an extension sheet.


Complete the questions on the activity cards.


Today is national 'Safer Internet Day'. Ask your grown up to read the Parent's and Carer's Guide first. Watch the powerpoint together and talk about why it is important to stay safe online. 

Make a poster about staying safe when using computers. There are templates below or design your own.