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WB 8.2.21

Information for parents


I have assigned tasks on the 2do section on purple mash for children to work through.

I have changed spelling frame so that you have access to all spelling rules for our year group, simply click on Year 3 and 4 and select whichever rule you think you need more practise on (or starting from rule 1 and working down is a good idea!) Any tests you complete will be sent to me so please remember to do the test once you have practised the words. TT rockstars is also still available so please remember to use this to keep up with those tricky tables.


We have workbooks and pencils and all log ins ready in school. If any parent wishes to pop in to the office to pick these up to help with home schooling please do so. Any questions, please email me using purple mash or contacting the school office. Please can photos of work be uploaded to purple mash so that I can see them. 

  Session 1 Session 2 Session 3
Monday Maths English + Guided Reading Science
Tuesday Maths English + Guided Reading Safer Internet Day Activities! 
Wednesday Maths English + Guided Reading RE
Thursday Maths English + Guided Reading History/Art
Friday Maths English + Guided Reading RE


While we can't hug - Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar

First chapter Friday to remind you all that you are loved and missed so very much! I will see you all soon and have a fabulous half term!

Guided Reading: Below is a text to read and questions to answer. Choose which level to complete (indicated by 1, 2 or 3 stars). It can be split across the week to make it more like school.

Monday: Pre-read task. This week, write some statements about what you already know about pollution. You might need to look up the definition of pollution first and record it in your book.

Tuesday: Read the text and highlight tricky words.

Wednesday: Look up the definitions of the tricky/new words and brainstorm alternative words.

Thursday: Answer the questions.

Friday: Mark and correct.