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Wednesday 10th February


Immediate Engagement: Add the suffixes -ing  and -ed to the words below and then use them in your own sentences.

The first one has been done for you.

  • walk                         walking                                  walked

I am walking to school.

I walked to the garden to play outside.

  • kick
  • shout


LO: To write an information text.

In this lesson we are going to start to write our own information piece. We will focus on the introduction and identification.

Please click on the link below.



This week we will be revising Phase 3 sounds oi, oa and qu.

Please visit PhonicsPlay to access games focusing on these sounds. You could play Picnic on Pluto, Dragon's Den or Buried Treasure. 


You could also play Tricky Word Trucks!


**If your child is more confident, please use the PhonicsPlay website to explore games and resources for Phase 4 and Phase 5.** 


Immediate Engagement: Record even numbers to 20.


LO: To identify 2D shapes.

In this lesson you will identify and name 2-D shapes, recognise shapes in different orientations and identify key properties of 2D shapes.

Please click on the link below.


LO: To recognise the importance of online safety.

Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. With your grown up, choose a story to look at and then complete at least one activity.


EXT: Create a Safer Internet Day poster on Purple Mash using the 2Paint software.