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Wednesday 10th February

Guided Reading:

Carry on reading your book on Get Epic.

Remember, try to read for at least 10 minutes each day!


Your books for this week are:

Group 1 Comets: Wally Walrus

Group 2 Planets: Perky Otter

Group 3 Astronauts: Patty Cat

Group 4 Rockets: Bitty Fish

Group 5 Stars: Sheep in a Jeep

If you have finished your book then please feel free to choose another one on the websitesmiley


LO: To identify different rhymes


GPS Starter:

Can you use the suffix '-ed' to add to these words and then pick 3 words to put into a sentence.








Main Task:

Today we are looking at different nursery rhymes. I have linked the website below so you can look at which one you would like to pick. Have a look at the language pattern in your rhyme. Which words are repeated? Have a go at performing your rhyme with actions if you can. Then, try to make up your own verse and change some of the words in the rhyme but stick to the language pattern. 


Can you think of some adjectives you could use in your rhyme?


Go onto phonics play and play Train your Brain in phase 5. Choose the words, oh, would, looked and could. Look at the tricky bits of these words and write them out 3 times. Try to use each of these words in a sentence. Then you can choose some other games to play.


LO: To explore arrays


Mental Maths Starter:

Can you write down all of the odd numbers between 0-10.

Can you write down all of the even numbers between 0-10.


Main Task:

Today we are looking at arrays to help us with our multiplication. 



Can you use your knowledge of arrays to multiply these numbers?





LO: To recognise the importance of Internet Safety

Yesterday was Internet Safety Day, with an adult choose a story to look at and then complete at least one activity.


When you have done this, log in safely to Purple Mash. On the 'Tools' section on the home page scroll down to Art and Design and click on 2paint. Design a poster using the tools. Include a title using text, a picture, and an important fact in a sentence. Perhaps you could think of an important fact from last week to help you? Your Class Teacher may want to print these off to display in our ICT suite so take your time with presentation!