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Wednesday 10th February

Good morning!


Well done - you are halfway through the week. Thank you to those of you that have already sent pictures of your work for this week. It is great to see how hard you are working. 

Next steps: can you please this morning write some sentences with relative clauses. Look back on the work from last week if you are stuck. For further challenge, try to add some words with the prefixes and suffixes that you have used recently. 

In this lesson we will explore the definition of expanded noun phrases and associated word classes. We will then identify and use expanded noun phrases in sentences.
In this lesson, you will learn to identify sequences- whether they are increasing or decreasing. We will also learn the rule to get from one term to the next, and continue the sequence. We will then look at sequences with missing terms, for example with the first term missing, and consider how they can be completed by working using the inverse.

LO: To retrieve information 

Read the text and answer the questions. Use quotation marks if you can. Remember to self mark and check your corrections. Don’t forget to self assess. Keep challenging yourself will the level you pick.