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Wednesday 10th February


GPS Starter:

We will carry on with our look at adding -en suffix to root words. Watch the powerpoint again and again, ignore the part about 'fronted adverbial' and 'modal verbs'. Today, copy the list of the words ending in -en suffix from the right hand column into your book. Again, either write the en suffix in a colour or underline the suffix in a colour. Choose 2 of the words you have copied and put them into a sentence. 

Main Activity

Wednesday 10th February

L.O: To identify different types of sentences.

Work through the powerpoint with your grown up. This is a great powerpoint and covers all 4 types of sentence. There are some fun activities but there is a lot. You don't need to write down every single word/sentence but when it asks you to write of a sentence, if you don't write it down, you MUST say the sentence to your grown up, so they can check you have understood. Try and do a mix of writing and saying sentences.


Mental Maths Starter:

Number bonds to 20. Play the smoothie maker game. Click on the option-'Facts to make 20'.


Main Activity


L.O: To complete division calculations.

Copy these calculations into your workbooks and find the answers. Look carefully at how many we are dividing by. The last section are mixed.

12 ÷ 2 =                     15  ÷ 5 =                      30  ÷ 3 =

8  ÷ 2 =                      10  ÷ 5 =                      50  ÷ 10 =

14   ÷ 2 =                   50  ÷ 5 =                      40  ÷ 10 =

20  ÷ 2 =                    25  ÷ 5 =                      10  ÷  10 =


20  ÷ 10 =     

16  ÷ 2 =                     

30  ÷ 5 =

100  ÷ 10 =

5  ÷ 5 =

40  ÷ 2 =


Complete the division worksheet.



Wednesday 10th February

L.O: To reflect on what we have learnt

This is our last week on our topic 'Seasonal changes'. Like we would do in class, we are going to think about what we have learnt during this topic and write some sentences. Think about our cress experiment and also our rain gauges. A sentence starter might be 'During our topic on seasonal change, I have learnt that.......'

As we haven't focused as much on our rain gauges as we would have done, had we been at school, I have attached a fun 'rainfall' experiment, if you wanted to do it.