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Wednesday 13th January

Good morning,


We are half way through the week! Thank you to everyone who has sent in a photograph of their English and Maths work. Please remember to do this using 2Email on Purple Mash each week.  Also, don't forget that you can email me through Purple Mash if you need help with anything.


Miss Mercer


Next Steps: practice your spelling words for this week.  You could try to use our No Nonsense Spelling methods for any words that you are finding tricky.

In this lesson, you will be revising prior learning about coordinates. We will continue to explore how points plotted on a grid can be referred to using coordinates. We will learn about the x and y axis and how to read coordinates to locate points on a grid. We will remember that you must read the x axis first followed by the y axis. We will investigate using our new knowledge.
In this lesson, we will write the appearance paragraph of a non-chronological report.

Guided Reading

LO: To skim and scan 

Choose your level, read the text and complete the questions.  Self mark and work out whey you have gone wrong for any corrections.