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Wednesday 13th January


GPS Starter:

Look at these words:- station, fraction, caption, partition, mention, relation. What do you notice about all these words? They all end in -tion. It sounds like it should be 'shun' at the end of the word but we write it as 'tion'. (There are some different ways of writing the 'shun' sound and we look at these another day but most of the time we write it as -tion.)

Copy these words into your workbook and underline the -tion part with a colour pencil. Choose 4 of the words and put them into a sentence. Underline your word and don't forget your punctuation.

Main Activity

Wednesday 13th January

L.O: To sequence a story.

Think back to the story of Dougal's Deep Sea Diary. Talk to your grown up about what happens in the story and what order things happen in. Today we are going to sequence the story in our books. Divide your page into 4. What happens first? Box 1- Dougal goes on holiday and goes diving. Box 2-

Dougal finds the treasure and brings it back. Box 3- The King and Queen reward Dougal with a submarine. Lastly- Box 4- He finds the city of Atlantis and stays. Draw a picture in each box and then write a sentence underneath each picture. 

Ext:- Write a time conjunction to go with each picture.





Mental Maths:

Play the game on ordering numbers, to practise our work from yesterday . Click on at least level 2 and ordering. Choose your time interval.


Main Activity


L.O: To round numbers to the nearest 10

Look at the poem on rounding to the nearest 10. Remember we look at the last digit- if it 5 or more we round up to the nearest 10. If the last digit is 4 or less, we round down to the nearest 10.

Round these numbers to the nearest 10:-

28→              41→           89→              63→            99→             35→             17→            6→


130→            727→            943→          


211→            809→             655→              198→              503→               997→


Topic: Design and Technology

Wednesday 13th January

LO: To design and make a healthy sandwich.

Watch the powerpoint on healthy eating. Talk to your grown up about what a healthy diet is and which foods are healthy and why? (How do they help your body?)  

Can you name three fruits and three vegetables? 

Design a healthy sandwich. Include three healthy and varied fillings in your design. Draw a picture of your sandwich and label your healthy fillings.

Write sentences to explain your choices e.g, " I chose to put lettuce in my sandwich because...... (Think back to your work last week too on describing food with Mrs Piccolo-Gardner, the colour, texture, etc)

When you have chance, try making your sandwich sometime before next Wednesday if you can. You might not be able to make it just yet, as you may not have all the ingredients for your sandwich! Lastly, enjoy!


EXT: Can you design an alternative (different) sandwich? Could you include a healthy drink to go with it?