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Wednesday 18th November



GPS Starter

Can you think of some verbs (doing words) to describe how the dragon moved in our story? 


You can watch 'The Princess and the Dragon' by Audrey Wood on YouTube


Main Activity

We are writing our own version of our story this week using our own character (Troll, Cyclops or Witch). 


Using the sheet below, copy out the beginning of the story and change the underlined words and your character. 


We are learning all about fractions of shape and amounts. We have been concentrating on half 1/2 and quarters 1/4. 


Please complete the sheet below, shading in half and quarters. Look carefully at the fractions. 


We have been learning about the Great Fire of London.


Look at the PowerPoint below and answer these questions in full sentences:


Why did the fire spread so fast?


How did they put the fire out?


How long did the fire last?


Check your capital letters and full stops.