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Wednesday 16th September


GPS starter:

Play the full stops game.

Main activity:

Wednesday 16th September

L.O: To use adjectives effectively.

Watch the powerpoint on adjectives. Remember an adjective is a describing word.

Then look at the sentences on the sheet and copy them into your book but change the adjective in red for a different adjective.


Mental starter:

Round these numbers to the nearest 10 (Remember to look at the last digit. 0-4 round down and 5-9 round up.)

28 ►

12 ►

49 ►

75 ►

Main activity

Watch the powerpoint on place value. Talk to your grown up about how many tens and ones/units in each number.


L.O: To find 10 more and 10 less

Copy  these numbers into your book and write the number that is 10 more and 10 less.

10 less            10 more

   ____    23  ______

   ____    35 ______

   ____    11 ______

  _____   47 ______

  _____   84 ______

  _____   52 ______



In art his term we are looking at using different media and linking it to our work on hot and cold places.

In your book, draw a picture of an animal from a hot or cold place and try to use some 'cold'  or hot colours as a background. Use the internet to look at some images of animals from hot and cold countries. You could try repeating your sketch with a different type of pen/pencil. Which one do you prefer?