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Wednesday 18th November


Immediate Engagement: Can you sort this scrambled sentence?  girl   can   run    the    fast


LO: To use the suffix -ed.

Look at the words below and think about how they are changed when we add -ed to the end.

Write the root word and then record the word including the suffix -ed. The first one has been done for you.

  • walk       walked
  • jump
  • melt
  • pull
  • push
  • look
  • help

Now choose three words and use each of them in their own sentence.



Immediate Engagement: Record number bonds to 12.


LO: To find fraction of amounts.

Look at the 'Fractions of amounts' PowerPoint below and talk to your grown up about the challenges.

Now, choose 1 page from the 'Ladybird halving' worksheets and work carefully to share the spots equally between the two halves of the ladybirds.


EXT: Using coloured paper, can you cut out some 2D shapes and fold them into halves and quarters?


Topic: Science

LO: To investigate wind and it's effect on objects.

Watch the video clip below and think about how Nelly and Nora would feel on the windy day.

Talk to your grown up about when you have been out on a windy day and how you felt. Did you have fun? What was happening to the leaves and trees?


Now, design your own kite. use the kite template to help you.