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Wednesday 1st April

Wednesday 1st April



LO: To identify and correct spelling mistakes.

Can you correct the spelling mistakes below?

 Arrrrr you having a nice day?

Weeeyy can have ice cream later.

Igh am working hard with my writing.


Choose two sheets from the 'Correct the Spelling Mistakes' pack and correct the words.


Challenge: Complete another 'Common Exception Words Activity Mat'.





Mental Maths Starter: Identify odd and even numbers to 20.


LO: To solve subtraction problems from 20. 

We have done lots of work on subtraction in school. Choose 1 page from the 'Subtraction from 20' challenge to complete. 

Remember to use your number lines and carefully count backwards. 


Challenge: Solve these tricky subtraction challenges:










Topic (Geography):

List as many different types of weather as you can and draw small pictures to represent them.

E.g. rain        (picture of a raindrop)


Move on to to record a weather report for today. (Today the weather is...)


Challenge: Research the weather in another part of the country and write 3 sentences about the weather there. 

(E.g. In London, the weather is...)