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Wednesday 1st April


(You only need to put the short date in the margin today- 1.4.20)

We are going to finish our recount that you started yesterday. We will write boxes 3 and 4 today. Look back at your plan again. You may want to start something like,  " After that, we went to watch the sea lions being fed." or " "Next it was time to have our party food."

Remember to include

  • time conjunctions- first, next, then
  • adjectives- lovely, happy, beautiful, cute 
  • punctuation- capital letters, full stops, exclamation marks
  • conjunctions- and, but, because, when
  • as much detail as possible- what did you wear at the party, how was the party room/place decorated. 

Once you have finished, read back through your work to check it makes sense.


Mental Starter:  Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s and 5s. 

Main Activity:


L.O: To practise telling the time

Watch the power points on telling the time then complete the worksheets. 


Complete worksheet on o'clock and half past


Complete worksheet on quarter past and quarter to


Complete worksheet on drawing hands- quarter past and quarter to





Look at the weather for today on BBC weather link below. 

Have a go at being a weather reporter with the power point.

Then write a weather report for today. (Today the weather is...)


Challenge: Research the weather in another part of the country and write 3 sentences about the weather there. 

(E.g. In London, the weather is...)