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Wednesday 1st April


L.O.: To write the resolution for a story set on a farm


Recap your problems from yesterday. Today you are writing box 4 of your storyboard plan. 

‘Think, say, write, check’ each sentence for punctuation and finger spaces.

Mild: Use ‘finally’ and extend sentences with the conjunctions ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘because’, ‘so’

Spicy: Start a sentence with ‘when’. Use !

Hot: Use of ?, range of suffixes.


Now read your whole story and self assess your work! Can you think of two things that you've done really well and a target for next time?


L.O.: To find lines of symmetry in 2D shapes

  1. View the PowerPoint
  2. Look for some symmetrical items in your house!
  3. Can you draw a symmetrical picture in your book?

Topic (Geography):

List as many different types of weather as you can and draw small pictures to represent them.

E.g. rain        (picture of a raindrop)


Move on to to record a weather report for today. (Today the weather is...)


Challenge: Research the weather in another part of the country and write 3 sentences about the weather there. 

(E.g. In London, the weather is...)