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Wednesday 20th January


GPS Starter:

Was and were. Remember:-

When the subject is singular (one) we use was.

When the subject is plural (more than one) we use were

Use was or were to complete these sentences. I have attached a poster below, to remind you which to use.

I ________finishing my breakfast.

We  _______ late for the party.

She ______ really happy to see her grandma.

You _______not listening to me!

Mrs Ashbrook ______ pleased that the children ________ working hard.

Main Activity

Wednesday 20th January

L.O: To write the resolution to a problem in a story.

Today, we are going to write the last part of our story. We are going to say how we solve the problem in your story and say how it ends. How is your character going to solve the problem? If your character is being chased, how do they get away? If your character wants to stay, do they get a job and find somewhere to live in the new place?

Can you use an exclamation mark (!) in your writing today?




Mental Starter:

Practise your number bonds to 20 by playing the number bonds game, (Which 2 numbers go together to make 20?)


Number bonds to 100


Main activity


L.O: To sort 2D shapes

Work through the 2D shape lesson. Teaching point- a quadrilateral is a four sided shape. The worksheet is added below.


Sort the 2D shapes in the carroll diageam.



Wednesday 20th January

LO: To evaluate my product.

This is our last DT lesson this half term. Last week we all planned a healthy sandwich and hopefully you had a go at making it too.  Today, we are going to evaluate our product (design)

Talk to your grown up about your sandwich. Why do you think it was healthy? Which ingredients made it healthy? Could you have added something else to make it even healthier/ Was there anything that wasn't so healthy? Which skills did you use? (Cutting, chopping, grating, shredding, slicing etc)

Complete the evaluation sheet below,