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Wednesday 20th January

Good morning,


We are already at Wednesday! Thank you to everyone for sending in the photographs of your work, you are trying really hard at home, and I am really proud of you all.  Remember if you do need help, then email me through Purple Mash.


Miss Mercer :)


Next Steps: Write out multiplication and division facts for your 2x  and 5x tables, so for example: 2x3=6 3x2=6, 6 divided by 2=3, 6 divided by 3=2. 

Remember what we have talked about in class: it is the same 3 numbers, when dividing the largest number comes first because you are sharing out, when multiplying the answer should be larger and when dividing the answer should be smaller, for the multiplication facts you are using commutativity.

In this lesson, we will estimate area and then apply a formula to calculating area. Remember what we have talked about this week, area is the inside measurement and perimeter (which we learnt about in the autumn term is the outside measurement - so we run around the perimeter of the playground).

Today you are going to learn about the angler fish's habitat.  Remember, the learning is going to help you when you are writing your non-chronological report - so the more you listen and write in your book, the easier it will be when you are writing the report because you can look back at your work to help you.

Guided Reading:

LO: To offer textual evidence


Choose your level and read the text.  Think carefully what the question is asking.  Self mark and go back to the text for any corrections.  Try to use the exact words from the text where you can, and remember even when offering your own opinion, you need to refer to the text.

ICT - 2do on Purple Mash

Click on the link to read the LO and description of the task and then complete as a 2Do on Purple Mash.