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Wednesday 20th May

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Good Morning Ward class!

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. J


Today’s activities:


This week on the Oak National Academy, we continue to look at converting measurements.


Work through the lesson, follow the instructions; I will put one link to the lessons each day. You will have quizzes to complete to find out what you already know and even have a real life teacher talking to you, with videos to follow.


Today’s lesson –To convert units of Mass 



Focus: Titanic - Find out all there is to know about the infamous ‘unsinkable ship’ Titanic.


Watch the clip of passengers boarding the ship, taken

From the film ‘Titanic’ (The film has a 12 certificate, but this clip is age appropriate).


Watch again – pausing at key points as you watch, and jot down words or phrases for the things you can see and hear in the clip, such as: cars arriving, crowds of people etc.


Now go back and improve your notes by up leveling words and phrases, for example ‘cars arriving’ may become ‘luxurious cars arrived swiftly on the busy dock.’, ‘crowds of people’ might become, ‘crowds of people swarmed around like ants.’


You could use to help improve your vocabulary.




Once you have improved your sentences, have a go at writing the scene as a narrative form, imagining it is the new opening to the story of Titanic. Write the opening to the story retelling the scene. Don’t forget to include the words and phrases you have written.


You can choose whether you want to write in first person, as if you were there, ‘As I arrived….’ Or you may want to write it in third person, as a character name. ‘As John and Susan arrived…’


Make sure you proof read and up level your work, checking for capital letters, full stops and punctuation. Don’t forget to use the writing mats on the web page to help you tick off key elements of your writing.

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