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Wednesday 21st October



LO: To write the opening of a narrative


Today we are doing double English


You need to start writing your story completing the first 2 parts of your plan:


Paragraph 1: explain where your characters are from and who they are


Next section: write about your character growing up with their parent.  Describe what they see and hear and that they want to have the same job (like Lila wanted to be a Firework Maker like Lalchand)


Next section: have the conversation where the parent wants them to get married and won't tell them the secret.


Final paragraph for today: write about the friend of the child tricking the parent into telling them what the secret is.  They then go and tell the child.


If you need to look back at the story it is in the folder: Monday 28th September


Remember to read your work back and check that it makes sense.  Check that you have got as many things in your work as you can from the success criteria.  Maybe you could add more examples.



LO: To recall multiplications


Maths: Purple Mash - monster multiplication  TTRockstars