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Wednesday 22nd April


LO: To plan a story.


Using the work you have done so far this week, plan your own version of your focus story.

Your story will be really similar to the original version, but will have your character in.

Use the template to plan your story in three parts (beginning,middle and end). 


Add pictures to your work when you have finished your writing. 



Mental Maths Starter: To find number bonds to 20.


LO: To recognise and name 2D shapes.


We have done lots of shape work together in school and we know that 2D shapes are 'flat'. 2D shapes have pointy corners and straight sides. 


Look at the 2D shape PowerPoint and see if you can name the 2D shapes. Talk to an adult about the properties of the shapes you can see. Properties are how many corners and sides a shape has. The 2D shape mat is there to help if you need it. 


Complete the 2D shape colouring and dinosaur activities and talk about the properties of the shapes in your work. 


If you can't print the challenges, record the properties of common 2D shapes in your book. The first one has been done for you.


Square    4 straight sides     4 corners









Challenge: Complete the repeating shape patterns sheet. 





In our new RE focus 'Holidays and Holy Days', we will be looking at different celebrations in the Church's calendar. 


Today we will be thinking about why holidays are special.

Talk to an adult about why holidays are special and how they are different to normal days. Holidays might include trips out or away with family, as well as Easter and Christmas. 


You can choose to complete the suitcase activity below, choosing items to pack to take away on holiday or you can make a list of adjectives to describe special days in your life.   


Challenge: Write a prayer to say thank you for the special times you have had.