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Wednesday 23rd June


LO: To write a recount.


Today we are starting a new topic of recounts. I would like you to tell me about what you did at the weekend. Remember to write in full sentences and include capital letters and full stops. You may also want to include some time conjunctions!


LO: To understand division as sharing.


Today we are looking at sharing. We use the word divide when we talk about sharing. 

Have a look at the power point I have attached. 

Think back to our work on division. I would like you to answer the questions using groups to share, just like in the power point. 


  1. 10÷ 2 =
  2. 12 ÷2 =
  3. 26÷2 =
  4. 22÷ 2=
  5. 20÷ 2 =
  6. 14÷ 2 =
  7. 15÷ 5 =
  8. 25÷ 5 =
  9. 15 ÷5 =
  10. 30÷ 5 =



LO: To understand algorithms 


Log onto purple mash and you will have some 2Do's set to follow on with your algorithm work. Can you remember what the word algorithm means?