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Wednesday 23rd September

Spelling homework


GPS starter.

Watch the powerpoint on conjunctions (joining words) and talk about which conjunctions fit best into the sentences.

Main activity

We are writing box 3 of our story today. Look back at your story map. Who is your baddie character in box 3? What do they do that is naughty/mean? Talk about it first with your grown up. Write about The Happy/ Cheerful Postman going to his next stop (whatever place you had in box 3). Describe the place using adjectives. Then introduce your character. Try to use a good sentence starter, such as 'Suddenly a (bad character) appeared or 'At that moment a (bad character) burst through the door.  Explain what your bad character looks like, what they are wearing, how they behave etc. What bad thing do they do? Don't forget your punctuation.


Mental maths starter;

Practise counting forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Main activity


L.O: To compare the mass of different objects.

We are looking at how heavy/light objects are. We use the term 'mass' in Y2.  Watch the powerpoint and talk to your grown up about it. 

Then complete the 3 star worksheet on comparing the mass of objects.



We are continuing to learn about animals. Look at the pictures of animals and talk to your grown up about how they are different, e.g some have fur, some have scales, some have 2 legs, some have 4 legs, some have long tails, some have short tails etc.

Wednesday 23rd September

L.O: To recognise how animals are different

Complete the worksheet on animal differences. In the first 2 boxes, draw and label animals that have 2 legs and 4 legs. The other boxes, you can choose the categories, e.g tail, no tail or fur, scales etc.