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Wednesday 24th February

Guided Reading:

Carry on reading your book on Get Epic.

Remember, try to read for at least 10 minutes each day!


Your books for this week are:

Group 1 Comets: Sofia’s First Day of School

Group 2 Planets: Puppy School

Group 3 Astronauts: Too Tall Tommy

Group 4 Rockets: Hannah and Sugar

Group 5 Stars: Disaster on the 100th Day

If you have finished your book then please feel free to choose another one on the websitesmiley


LO: To roleplay a recount


GPS Starter:

Can you use the suffix '-er' and '-est' to add to these words and then pick 3 words to put into a sentence.







Main Task:

Today you are going to use your drama skills to role play in a recount. 


Write down 2 sentences using conjunctions of why you like or did not like the role play activity. 


Go onto phonics play and play Flashcards Speed Trial in phase 5A. Choose some tricky sounds and write down some words that you can think of that have these sounds. Then you can choose some other games to play.


LO: To measure time in minutes and seconds


Mental Maths Starter:

Can you copy these questions and write down the answers?








Main Task:

Today we are looking at measuring the time in minutes and seconds. Do you know how many seconds there are in 1 minute? Do you know how many minutes there are in 1 hour?



Can you write out your 2 times table and your 10 times table. Can you circle the numbers that appear in both the 2 and 10 times tables. Do you notice a pattern?


LO: To recognise the difference between past and present

We are starting a new topic in History called 'Family Album' so we will be looking at how things have changed over time. Have a look at the 'Growing up' power point.

Talk to a grown up about these questions:

  • Are you older or younger than when you started school?
  • Will you be older or younger on your next birthday?
  • When were you born?
  • When is your birthday?
  • How do you celebrate birthdays?


With an adult, see if you can research some information about the past:

  • How have toys and games changed over time?
  • How did they celebrate birthdays in the past? (More than 80 years ago). 
  • What toys do you play with today?
  • What toys do you think children played with in the past?
  • How are these toys different to the toys you play with now?

Can you write 3 sentences to explain what you have found out. Try to use some super conjunctions to extend your sentences!

*Next week, we will be learning about family trees. Please talk to your child about your family and look at and discuss any pictures you have.*