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Wednesday 25th March

Wednesday 25th March



Wednesday 25th March

L.O: To read and answer questions related to a text.


Choose one of the traditional tales from the link below. Read the text (there are 3 different levelled versions with questions. There are stars at the very bottom left of the page. One star is the most simple text and 3 stars is the most challenging.) Read the text carefully and then read each question. Go back to the text to find the answer and underline any key information if this helps.

Challenge: Can you write 3 of your own questions about the story you have just read. Don't forget question marks.



Mental starter: Count forwards and backward in 10s but don't start at 0! Start at 4 to begin. So 4, 14, 24 ,34 etc. Now start at 7 and count forwards and backwards in 10s. Try 3 and 9 too.


Main Activity


L.O: To recognise and write odd and even numbers


Watch the powerpoint below on odd and even numbers.

Draw a line down part of your page and put the heading odd at the top of one side and even at the top of the other.

Now write down all the numbers from 0-50 in the correct columns. What do you notice?

Underneath write a sentence to explain why a number is odd and why a number is even. (Clue- which numbers can you share equally between 2?)


Challenge: Write down all the even numbers between 20 and 30.

                   Which odd numbers are more than 50 but less than 60?

                    I am an even number with 3 digits but I am less than 104. What number am I?


Watch the Easter Story below and talk about what is happening with your grown up. How do think Jesus and his friends are feeling at different points in the story? Why do you think they feel this?


Write in sentences and use your own drawings to retell the Easter Story. Think about the order the events happened in the story and try to say how Jesus and his friends were feeling and why. Remember- correct punctuation and neat handwriting too!