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Wednesday 27th January



Practise spelling the days of the week (look, cover, write, check)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

Main Activity

Wednesday 27th January

L.O: To identify the main features of a non-chronological report

Look at features of non-chronological report. Read the reports on pirates and planets. Find and write down 2 main headings, 2 sub headings, 2 interesting facts. Draw a picture/diagram from one of the fact files.


Mental Maths Starter:

Work through day 3 on the mental maths starter from yesterday. 

Main Activity


L.O: To add money in different ways. 

Follow the lesson . I have attached the worksheet from the lesson below.


Wednesday 27th January

L.O: To understand the importance of passwords.

Talk to your grown up about why it is important that you don't share your password with anyone, apart from trusted adults. Don't even tell your friends, as they might tell one of their friends thinking it is okay. I have set a to-do on Purple Mash to do with passwords, so click on your to-dos to find it. The task is to design a poster about keeping passwords safe.


Write 3 things that might go wrong if other people knew your password.