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Wednesday 27th January

Good morning,


I hope that you are all still well.  Thank you for your emails.


Miss Mercer :)


Next Steps: use either the grid method or the vertical method for multiplication with brackets to answer them.








Watch the video and complete the tasks.


Remember our Key Terms of Reference to help:

60 seconds = 1 minute

60 minutes = 1 hour

Today, we are going to be reminding ourselves of the definitions of different types of words: nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs and prepositions.  We have learned about these in class, so you can apply what you know.  You are going to identify the type of words (word classes) in sentences.

LO: To offer textual evidence

Choose your level and then read the text and answer the questions.  Remember to use the exact words from the text where you can.  Mark your answers and check any corrections by going back to the text.  Remember to self assess your work.


Charanga - you have been set an assignment to complete on Charanga by Miss Galea.


Instructions for how to go on Charanga and get on to the work, as well as your Username and Password have been emailed to you on Purple Mash. 


You might find it easier to write these in the front of your Home Learning book, near your Purple Mash login details, so that you don't need to keep going onto Purple Mash each week to get these details.