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Wednesday 29th September


GPS Starter:

Practise these high frequency words, which we are practising in phonics this week. (See below)


Main activity

Wednesday 29th September

L.O: To put commas in a list.

Today we are going to practise putting commas in a list. Watch the powerpoint below about commas and talk to your grown up about where they go. Remember, we write a comma as a dot with a tail-it's not just a line. Then complete the sheet, putting the commas in the correct place. 



Mental maths starter.

Put the headings odd and even. Look at these numbers and decide whether they are odd or even. 35, 92, 63, 78, 44, 11, 5, 10, 96, 107, 394, 218, 361. Write them in the correct column. 

Main Activity


L.O: To compare and order lengths and masses.

Today we are comparing lengths and comparing masses. Remember, we use cm and m to measure length or height and we use g and kg to measure mass. Talk to your grown up about which is longer/shorter, taller or shorter or heavier or lighter. 

Complete the activity sheets from our new maths scheme.

Can you find some objects around your house to measure then compare? 



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