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Wednesday 30th September

Wednesday 30th September

Hello everyone.  Hopefully, you have now got used to working from home again.  Remember you do not have to complete all the work; use how much you would normally do in school as a guide.  You may be quicker in some subjects or you may be challenging yourself with a harder level and so may not complete as many calculations.

If you need to get in touch with me then please email me on Purple Mash.  If you log in to Purple Mash, then click on the computing icon, then the 2Email icon (you may need to click on the 2Email icon on the next page too).

Spellings: ask someone to test you on this week’s spellings and then use the spelling methods that we do in class to practice any that you get wrong.

English: LO To describe a character

Draw a picture of Lila and then:

1. Describe her appearance (use the text, think about how it described her fingers and eyebrows)

2. Describe her personality (think about the words on OUR CLASS display to help) explain using the text, for example Lila is determined because she ….

3 Describe her actions.  What does she do?

Draw a picture of Lalchand (her father) and do the same: describe his appearance, personality, and actions.  Use the text to help.  Try to use the exact words where you can and use quotation marks to show this.

Maths: To use addition and subtraction methods

You are going to use methods for addition and subtraction today.  Select your level.  Remember you can use the WAGOLLS for subtraction that are on our class page.  If they are whole numbers it is TH H T U but for money with decimals it will be TH H T U . ts hs




87 + 96 =

546 – 248 =

8978 + 3456 =

78 – 49 =

786 + 435 =

3456 – 2159 =

45 + 78 =

876 – 587 =

9876 – 3589 =

54 - 29 =

941 – 645 =

8934 + 1209 =

7.09 + 4.35 =

8.09 + 2.87 =

10.00 – 5.67 =

8.12 – 5.78 =

9.91 – 1.99 =

12.12 – 6.78 =

4.78 + 3.56 =

7.67 + 3.33 =

78.96 + 34.76 =


Guided Reading: Purple Mash

Click on Serial Mash, then Emeralds, then Undercover Zoo

Read chapter 1 and complete the Quiz, Billy Cam and the Newspaper


Mental Maths: To practice multiplications

Purple Mash: Monster multiplications and Multiplications and/or TTRockstars