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Wednesday 3rd February


GPS Starter:

Watch the short video on commands. Then use these imperative (or bossy) verbs to write commands. Don't forget capital letters and full stops or exclamation marks. Think about whereabouts in your sentence the bossy verbs will go. 





Main Activity

Wednesday 3rd February

L.O: To record items explorers need in their backpack

Think about what an explorer would need to take in their backpack-map, compass, phone etc. Think about what they are going to eat, where they are going to sleep, what they are going to wear (what might the weather be like?)

Record what an explorer would pack in their backpack. Either draw and label the items in the backpack template or use the writing sheet. If you use the writing sheet, try to use conjunctions such as because or if to explain your choices.. 


Mental Starter:

Play the adding 10 more maze game. If you haven't got a printer, start at these numbers and add 10 more.

6 → 16 →     →      →      →      →

29 → 39 →      →       →       →

15 → 25 →     →       →       →

31 →  41 →    →      →      →


Main Activity


L.O: To 


Wednesday 3rd February

L.O: To understand how to keep safe on line.

Watch the powerpoint on Smartie the penguin. Talk to your grown up about what things happened online that upset Smartie and what good choices he made to deal with them. 

Draw 3 computer screens. On each screen, draw or write what the problem was then next to each screen, draw Smartie with a thought or speech bubble thinking or saying what he will do to sort out the problem.