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Wednesday 3rd March


GPS Starter:

Today, we are looking at adding -es suffix to nouns and verbs ending in y. Watch the powerpoint then copy the words from the last slide into your workbook.

Main Activity

Wednesday 3rd March

L.O: To identify exclamation sentences.

Remember there are 4 different types of sentence:-

  • statements
  • questions
  • commands 
  • exclamations

Today, we are going to focus on exclamations. An exclamation sentence has to have 4 things:-

  • start with 'what' or 'how'
  • a noun
  • a verb
  • an exclamation mark at the end

Watch the powerpoint below and then complete one of the differentiated sheets- either 1, 2 or 3 star. You have to decide whether the sentences are statements or exclamations.


Write 4 exclamation sentences. 2 starting with 'How' and 2 starting with 'What'.


Mental maths starter:

To recap on our work from Monday, practise your number bonds to 20. Say them out loud and write them down, so that it helps you to learn them:-

0 and 20 =20

1 and 19 =20 etc.


Main Activity


L.O: To subtract two 2 digit numbers

Today, we are looking at subtraction. Work through the Oak Academy lesson on subtaction, thinking about partitioning your numbers before you start subtracting. Subtract the 10s first.





Complete these subtraction calculations in your workbooks.

49 - 23 =                     68 - 35 =

77 - 46 =                     94 - 51 =

86 - 34 =                     57 - 16 =

129 - 18 =                   286- 55 =

398- 171 =                  489 -203 =



Wednesday 3rd March

L.O: To understand and create a family tree

Today, we are looking at family trees and thinking about how family members are related. This can be a sensitive issue for some families, so just do as much as you can and have a look at the family tree for the The Royal Family, so that you understand the idea of how they work.

Watch the powerpoint on family trees and talk to your grown up about who is in your family. Make sure you understand what the words 'parents' and 'grandparents' and 'great-grandparents' mean. If you can look at some photographs of people in your family and think about where they fit in your family tree. For example, is 'nana' mum's mummy or dad's mummy? Where will they go on the tree? Above your mum or dad. They are a generation above your parents. (Generation means people who were born and are alive around the same time as you. You and your brothers,sisters, school friends are the same generation as you.)

Look at the example and then fill in the blank family tree as much as you can. Add names and dates if possible. You can draw your own if you want to.


Add your brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles if you can-( think about which generation they are and who their mummies and daddies are.) Draw extra boxes in the right places on your tree.