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Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning,


You are all still working really hard - well done!


I am really pleased with how you are trying to present your work as neatly as you would in school.


Keep it up! :)

As next steps, complete your ICT Purple Mash to do. There is a help sheet to help with this task.
In this lesson you will be looking at the characteristics of characters.  We have covered this in class before when we have looked at different texts for English and Guided Reading, so apply what you have learnt previously to help you.
In today's lesson, we will be exploring how to represent two-step word problems using bar models. By the end of the lesson, you should be able to identify bar models that represent division or multiplication equations

Guided Reading

LO: To give textual evidence


Choose your level, read the text and write the answers.  Remember to self mark and check your work for any corrections.  Don't forget to self assess next to the LO.