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Wednesday 5th May


GPS Starter:

We are practising using conjunction 'when'. It can come either at the start of the sentence or in the middle, e.g

When we had finished our tea, we went outside to play in the garden.

We had some warm milk and a biscuit when we had put out pyjamas on.

Write 2 sentences using 'when' at the beginning of the sentence and 2 sentences using 'when' in the middle of the sentences.

Main Activity

Wednesday 5th May

L.O: To write the problem of an animal adventure story.

Today we are writing the problem of our story, the part where the Wild Wooders take over Toad Hall. Look back at your story plan and see which animals you have chosen. In your writing today, describe the Wild Wooders and how they have taken over Toad's home. Use lots of adjectives and keep looking back at your success ladder to see what you need to include.





Mental Maths Starter:

Play hit the button game and practise multiplication and division calculations.


Main Activity


L.O: To read scales to measure capacity.

We are carrying on our work on measurement and today we are looking at capacity.

Watch the powerpoint and talk to your adult about capacity and volume. Make sure you understand the difference between litres and millilitres.

Complete the mastery cards on capacity. 


Complete these statements using >, < and = signs

600ml          half a litre

75l              750ml

1000ml       1 litre

250l            25ml


Wednesday 5th May

L.O: To identify natural and man-made materials

Our topic in science is materials and this week we are looking at natural and man-made materials. Watch the powerpoint and talk to your adult about what the difference is between them. Have a look around your house and see what you can find that is made out of natural and man-made materials. 

Divide your page in half and put the headings natural and man-made in each half. Draw and label materials in the right half. (You can look at the attached sheet to give you some ideas.)

In each half write one or two sentences to explain what natural and man-made means.